03-01-11 – Mission: Ambition / Massive Choons!

Whew, what a year!

This whole week has been full of me deciding what I intend to do with my year (which in turn had me deciding what I intend to do with my life) and as a result of all the books on motivation and psychological methods of getting things done I’ve read recently, I was very specific. More so than normal. In fact, every goal has some form of statistic associated with it. But more on that later.

Let’s start with the week, then do the obligatory fun end-of-year/start-of-year recap! :D

This week entailed:

- Writing some freakin’ awesome music with Komplete 7
- Progressing with the boyinaband site development
- Celebrating the extra “1″ we get to write in the date for a while.


As I predicted, getting hold of Massive seriously inspired me. That, combined with some great guitar tutorials from this dude called Ola Englund, got me writing some more music after quite a dry spell.

One is a dubsteppy dancey tune with djenty guitar, lots of chopping and changing and while I have no idea how it’d be pulled off live, it’d be seriously fun in a club environment. The bass positively saws through the mix; I love massive!

The other is nice and heavy – a YAWA tune that I feel compensates for the lighter songs we’ve been writing as of late. It started out akin to I am the Navigator, but has taken quite a different direction, which is fun!

Can’t wait to show you guys the finished results :D

Tutorial System update

On the forum there’s been some healthy discussion on the topic of the new site ideas and it’s almost time to go ahead with making the test site. Exciting stuff! Possibly also adding a Chat Room if all goes to plan, which quite a few people have requested.

New Year celebrations!

Nothing too fancy this year, I opted to spend the day with my family, who I rarely spend time with lately due to my obsessive need to work. Shloer made the event considerably more merry (I was utterly Gazeboed!) and I woke up in a dumpster in Belgium the following day with a splitting headache and 3000 shares in a local telecommunications firm. Hopefully they won’t go under.

Happy 2011 & New Years Resolutions!

As with the previous 3 years, it’s that time again, folks! Time for a recap on this year.

In 2010, in no particular order, I…

- Didn’t trade in my girlfriend for a younger model
- Won the Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition with You and What Army!
- Went on tour with YAWA supporting Kids in Glass Houses and Boys Like Girls
- Played 5 Festivals including Download, T in the Park and Sonisphere
- Recorded an EP that’ll feature on Rock Sound Magazine
- Made friends with Red Bull
- Upped my music production game again
- Got to the point where I’m able to (just about) sustain myself from my boyinaband.com income
- Released the second YAWA EP and iTunesed it
- Got a Manager and parted ways with a manager
- Went on Holiday to a quaint cottage down south with Rachie
- Released the new look boyinaband site
- Made tons of boyinaband videos
- Did my first interviews for boyinaband with Shirobon and Silent Descent
- Re-decorated my studio into a shiny new studioffice
- Went to Japan and saw my sister
- Wrote a bunch of tunes and got some exciting prospects for Proxies
- Discovered Redditt and wasted too much time learning about the world/looking at rage comics
- Saw my first 3D movie at the cinema
- Made an extensive business plan for boyinaband that never got me any funding
- Went in da studio with a professional producer
- Got a metal dance mat
- Turned 23 with an awesome selection of gifts

At the start of 2010 I said I wanted to:

- Push YAWA harder, play more gigs and release another EP
- Bring my group of friends even closer together
- Blog weekly for the whole year
- Earn enough from boyinaband.com to live off
- Post over 300 boyinaband videos
- Treat boyinaband as more of a business
- Feel like I can produce music to a professional level

I’m certain I achieved the “Push YAWA harder” goal – we had our first major break. In the last new year’s recap I wrote that we just needed a break from a wealthy proprietor. That happened in the form of Red Bull. Did not see that one coming. Playing to like 20,000 people in a few weeks, recording an EP in an external studio and hitting 5 big festivals in the summer, I did not even dare dream we’d be that successful so quickly.   Our fans have shot up and become more hardcore, as this video proves: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKzZ92Ic1-I

YAWA has certainly become closer, and with Shortty-E back in the locality we’ve got the gang back together – the trek down to see Chase & Status in december was a long arduous test of our friendship and it worked well. After a 2 week tour you start to know if your band can get on with each other and we managed it fine. I feel like I haven’t been able to see some of my none-YAWA friends as much since things started to take off, which is unfortunate but to be expected I guess. I’ll just have to make more of an effort this year :)

There were a few times I missed blogging this year, with motivation running thin early on in Feb and then again in August. I did do the majority of the year though! I got one every month, an improvement on last year.

My boyinaband income has increased massively thanks to a combination of hard work, good luck and hard work. I love that I have no boss to answer to (except myself, if I dress up in a suit and stand looking stern at a mirror) and I love that things are only getting better.

I didn’t manage to hit 300 videos, I got up to 223 though, which was over half way to my target from my starting point of about 100 if I remember correctly!

I have got so business this year it hurts. I did a business plan, applied for funding, kitted out the studioffice, made more charts and databases than you can shake a stick at, watched The Lonely Island’s “Like a Boss” video at least 17 times… I certify that goal completed.

Once again I fail to hit the professional sounding music target, but I do feel I’ve improved and I do feel I’m on the right track. I’ve heard the first pro sounding songs that I’ve been a part of writing, which is such an awesome feeling, I learned that it’s not the guitar that’s the problem but everything after it in the signal chain, and I’ve learned how to make awesome punchy drums.

So I’ve become luckier, more successful, mo’ business and more famous over the past year. I feel a lot more driven and confident in my direction now, a feeling I’m sure will only get stronger as more of my ideas play out and the things I’ve worked on come to fruition. I’m really looking forward to employing people and getting more into a game of tactics rather than hard graft. Which has always been my strategy in games – work hard to get things that will automate the tasks where you need to work hard, so you no longer need to work hard. Life is a frickin’ awesome game.

New Years Resolutions

And for the resolutions. Last year I decided to be “responsible”. I am responsible for a large website, partly responsible for a growing band and I am using both to support myself after my student loan petered out. So I definitely feel more responsible. I also feel like I need to hurry up, which I suppose is natural when you’re frustrated about not being where you want to be and is probably good for motivation, but there are plenty of other famous musicians who haven’t got their break until their late twenties, so I suppose that kind of thought is a bit premature just at the moment.

So this year I’ll try for another adjective to describe future Dave; resourceful. I should take everything I’ve got access to and use it to the best of my ability to achieve my many goals.

And it’s time for this year’s specifics. I’ll accompany each goal with a statistical aim to measure the success rate.

By 2012 (before the world ends) I want to:

- Push YAWA even harder, play two more tours and play some festivals (Get 25,000 Facebook fans)
- Bring the Business income to that of a conventional job (Keeping the figure to myself, but it’s high)
- Employ someone full time (one person)
- Increase my personal savings (again, a lot)
- Massively increase the boyinaband pageviews (10,000,000 in the year)
- Become more influential (1,000 Twitter followers on my personal account @DavePBrown)
- Become closer to being big on YouTube (15,000 Subscribers)
- Build up the boyinaband community (25,000 forum members)
- Post Personal Blogs regularly (every week)
- Feel like I can produce music to a professional level (Celldweller/Pendulum/Periphery – that’s totally numerical/achievable)

This is more focused and more ambitious than last years goals, mainly, I assume, because of my success in the past year. I can’t wait to get started and I seriously intend to hit the targets I’ve set, so if you have a moment, you should probably send me a text/e-mail/carrier pidgeon with a message telling me to stop messing about on YouTube/Redditt/Doodle Jump and get back to making things happen.

In the words of an over-enthusiastic early 3D arcade racing game announcer…

Rolling Staaaaaaaaaaaaart!!!

Next Week on Dave’s Blog

So in the coming week, the plan is to…

- Put a plan for my future online (I guess I can borrow heavily from this blog!)
- Work on my guitar and drum tones
- Make an Update video for boyinaband
- Start with regular biab forum meet-ups
- Start developing the boyinaband forum/tutorial system
- Release a new biab sample pack
- Promote biab in a variety of ways
- Try and nail some big producer interviews
- Ask for more free stuff
- Organise the next biab official competition
- Have the first YAWA practice of 2011
- Write a new YAWA song
- Write a new Proxies song

…Told you I was being ambitious this year!

Let’s get it started, Ha!


  • Uchimataman says:

    Really looking forward to some new Reason tutorials! I’m still yet to find anyone on the www better at explaining how it works and what the features do and keep it truely inspirational.

    I wish you the best for 2011 dooood!

  • David says:

    Thanks man! Great to hear when people appreciate the videos I put out! :) Good tidings (whatever that actually means) for 2011 to you too! :D

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