03-03-2011 – Beware the MudMan! / A Guy Walks into a Bar…

I’ve never been to a gay bar before.

They’re strange, as are many of the situations I’ve been since the previous installment. I’ve been

- Partying with Rachie for her 18th
- At Many more band practices than usual
- In Tinchy Strider’s shoes
- In A Mud Shower in a Spa
- In the client’s seat for a change (Serious business!)
- Releasing new video types

My girlfriend can drink now.

After just over a year of being together, Rachie is finally able to drink without the threat of criminal prosecution. Something she’s been looking forward to, since the idea of clubbing, a convenient by-product of being alcohol-eligible, has always appealed to her. More on that later.

After a nice little get-together on the day of her birth, where I gave her my gift (It was a recorder cleaning device, since I thought she might want to play a clean recorder. I also got her a recorder in case she didn’t have a recorder. Turned out she already had two recorders, but I guess she now has a spare in case she loses her other two recorders.) and we ate some of her delicious home made cakes, delicately fashioned into the shapes of mice and owls.

Since I didn’t want to get chocolate (mice) and coconut (owls) mixed together (since I’m anti-chocolate), I avoided acting out the scene of cake-based violence that immediately entered my head upon realising the darwinian relationship of their shapesakes. Fortunately, the following day would make up for any messiness I had missed out on.

You see, the following day involved clubbing. Rachie hired a room at a local Bar, invited a bunch of her and my friends and we all went down and got relatively crunk. Even Ogre came, which was awesome, since he had a pretty epic journey. It’s great when friends are reliable and dedicated.

Inevitably, it seems, alcohol wormed its way into the proceedings and after a few genres of music (the DJ cycled seamlessly through dance, pop, rap, dubstep, 80s cheese, 90s cheese and into dance again) everyone was ready to go home and regret not drinking water and eating bread before hitting the hay.

Except Rachie had made up her mind to visit a club called “Gorgeous”. It turned out to be a gay bar, which apparently her and her friends thought it would be funny to see if I was hit on, since apparently I look like the kind of person that would suit such a venue.

Now I’m no homophone, but I can’t stand gaze. Not really, and you can steal that quote if you’d like (I’m quite proud of it). The patrons of the bar were quite hilarious to watch, since a large majority seemed to take the village people on face value and get topless and dance with extraordinary tenacity.

I also encountered Dirty Dutch music for the first time, which seemed even more repetitive and less melodic than every other genre of house I’ve encountered (quite a feat) so it’s nice to know where electronic music is headed.

We left the bar without an incident of being hit on, though I did make eye contact with a random chav that was pointing at some lesbians making out and doing a thumbs up.
After a ridiculously long wait for a late night McDonalds, we headed home and got some well deserved rest. I get the feeling Rachie has caught the clubbing bug; mainly since she’s been whining at me to go to Gatecrasher with her ever since. Still not convinced it’s the kind of place I’d enjoy, but maybe that’s just based on a few negative experiences in previous clubs.

YAWA: Assemble!

We’ve been getting our serious hats on (metaphorically, only Jamie actually is allowed to wear a hat, according to our stylist.) YAWA is now meeting much more often than before, and as such “Take the World By Storm” is finished in demo form and we’ve put together a mashup-cover for our radio performance.

If you pop over to our myspace: www.myspace.com/youandwhatarmyuk you can see a bunch of gigs up there too. Busy times all around!

Yeah… We bring the stars out…

Uh-huh, that’s probably going to be something you’ll hear me say in the near future. It’s not giving the game away though, the mashup-cover is considerably varied, with a few other songs thrown in there for fun. We made it for our upcoming stint on Radio Shropshire, which I haven’t been on in two or three years. I wonder if I blogged about it when I did… *thinks back*

Spa-ing (The non-violent kind)

The other half of Rachie’s gift from me was a trip to Fairlawns Spa. I’ve never experienced Saunas, steam rooms (which didn’t involve clubbing together to play Team Fortress), or mud showers.

Arriving at a stately-looking place, we checked in and, at Rachie’s defiant instruction, changed into robes, which we proceeded to wear for the duration of our stay. Well, apart from the meal, a four-course monster, which actually made me so uncomfortably full that I couldn’t lie down for about an hour and instead had to pace around the room wishing there was a deity I could ask to stop the pain.

Delicious, though.

So the treatments. Let’s be quick since I’ve already essayed it up with this post – Steam rooms = uncomfortably humid. Saunas = uncomfortably hot. Mud showers = not mud baths, which was kinda disappointing, and no cucumber was involved, however it was an excuse to black up in a socially acceptable context. I mean, something not racist.

All in all it was really relaxing, however – which doesn’t seem to make any sense looking back on the intensity of the treatments, but I guess the whole didn’t equal the sum of its parts.

Or I just really enjoy wandering about in a robe.

Web Dev Dave

Web Dev Dave is actually a nickname I’ll never use, as far as I’m guessing – I’m alright, but when you compare me to other people, I don’t really stand up. That’s why I’ve got a dude on-board who knows his stuff to help develop the new boyinaband site ideas I’ve put out in the past few months.

This means I can actually make videos, since I was struggling to balance between community development and content creation (yeah, I know internet business words.)

I cannot wait for the final result. It’s already looking exciting (well, working excitingly, we’re doing function before fashion – a concept I’ve been alien to since being with Rachie) and hopefully it won’t be more than a month-ish before something can be released!


So with the web development out of the road, I released some videos reviewing, demo-ing and tutorial-ing Superior Drummer 2 on boyinaband.com, and I’ve been working on the new videos. Including the one which involves announcing the winner of the dirty bass composition competition I’ve been running! Most of the judging has been done. I love my job.

Next Week on Dave’s Blog…

Dave will be getting up to some CER-AZY hijinks, such as…

- Heading down to London to be in a music video
- Finishing the next 7 day song song. (hehe… song song.)
- Announcing the winner of the boyinaband Dirty Bass Composition Competition
- Watching the test site development get closer to being finished


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