07-02-2011 – Follow me, Djentlemen / O HAI MISHA

So much has happened… so much…

- Interviewing Misha Mansoor of Periphery
- The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen show
- Went to Aled of Kids in Glass Houses’ Surprise Party
- Released a YAWA cover of “Matters at all” by KIGH
- Went to Preston to my sister’s friend’s Hip-Hop themed party
- Started the 2nd boyinaband competition
- Did the 7 Day Song on Dirty Dubstep
- Visited Primeloops HQ

It’s frickin’ Bulb!

Last blog I mentioned an awesome opportunity… well that opportunity was that  Periphery’s manager had said I should be able to interview Misha Mansoor, Periphery’s guitarist.

Now if you didn’t know, Misha ‘Bulb’ Mansoor is one of my all-time favourite producers – he was the reason I got an axe fx and superior drummer 2, I listen to Periphery’s album more than any other music and a few days ago on Feb 1st, I got to meet the guy and interview him for boyinaband.

It’s quite surreal meeting someone you’ve idolised for so long, but he was so ridiculously down to earth and friendly that I found it difficult not to be comfortable in his presence, despite the fact that I would kill underprivelaged children to get his production skill.

Can’t wait to get the video edited together – what an awesome dude.

It’s frickin’ Periphery! (And Tesseract… and monuments…)

The other good thing about Feb 1st was the gig itself – it’s been ages since I’ve bought gig tickets of my own accord, even longer since I’ve been properly excited for a show. It was totally worth it.

3 bands I’m really into were playing; Monuments are what I’d describe as an incredible fusion of limp bizkit and sikth, which really works. Talented and crazy, with a hint of rapping every now and again which I love. Some fantastic riffs too.

Tesseract had the best sound of the night, especially the vocalist, who clearly knows his stuff – as did the sound man, every vocal nuance was captured. Sounded along the lines of Jared Leto meets Chester bennington with a dash of Matt Bellamy every now and again. Ridiculously talented musicians as well, but the vocals are what made it really stand out.

Periphery was just mind-blowing though. The previous bands had done a lot of epic posing to suit their style. Misha came on stage and put his hands together into a heart shape and pulled an over-enthusiastic smile at the crowd. I love the lol-factor associated with that band.

Great fun singing along to a set I know 90% of the songs to, and the musicianship was predictably exquisite – especially since when we ended up chatting at the merch stand at the end of the show, they explained they only had one (!) practice before the shows.

We also got to chat to Jake Bowen and Alex Bois, the other guitarists for a decent amount of time after the Periphery interviews, where Alex lived up to the promise on Periphery’s album that he has the “Arse of a skunk” (There are a variety of lyrical themes discussed on that album)

O hai Aled!

You really do feel like a rock star when your band is invited to a rock star’s birthday bash.

A big ol’ trek down to Wales culminated in an awesome party with crazy DJing (I think there was a Metallica/Gaga remix at one point) and lychee juice, which I thoroughly enjoy and recommend.

It was awesome to chat to the guys again, I learned Aled is into his hip hop and dance more than I thought and that he’d actually used my boyinaband tutorials, which was funny to find out! I can’t wait to hear the KIGH dubstep-influenced song on their new album.

Matters at all

We also did a little present for kids since they were so awesome to us on tour, covering their song “Matters at all”: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKdHcENtDC0

The guys said they loved it, YAWA’s fan reaction was mixed, but we did try and make it a drastic change. Always good fun to rip a song apart and stitch it back together again with horiffic basses.

Heeeell Yeeeeah

I popped on down to my sister’s abode in Preston for her friend Rob’s (really nice guy) party, which was great fun. She had suggested Rob make it a Hip Hop themed party, and he had obliged, with a playlist that Dre would have been proud of. Too much lil Jon does hurt your head after a while, but with a quick break to get some paracetamol to balance the crunk, it was all gravy.

I got to chat to some Japanese exchange students about N-Dubz too, which is something you don’t often do.

Dirty Basses?

I wanted to see more good tutorials on making dirty basses on the internet, so encouraged it in the only way I know how – giving people free stuff.

The second competition has already had a lot of entries, I can’t wait to see the rest of them, since some of the current submissions are certainly vomit-inducing enough to be worth a listen.

Dirty Dubstep!

The 11th 7 day song was completed a week ago now – it was a hell of a challenge to fit it in around everything that’s been going on lately – but it’s had a good response and I am proud of it, particularly the drums, which I feel really punch more than the previous 7 day songs, thanks to some advice from Silent Descent’s Tom Callahan about parallel compression (incidentally, their 7 day spotlight is being uploaded as we speak!)

Primeloops HQ

I finally got to meet the people I’ve been emailing for the past few years when I decided to go down and interview Primeloops.com for boyinaband – an awesome group of guys who really know their stuff!

We did a nice little interview that I should be chucking up on biab in the next week or so, since I thought advice from people who make sample packs for a living would be useful to an aspiring producer!

Next time on Dave’s Blog

I’m back to work now, and after having put together a media pack for advertising my website’s advertising (inception) I will hopefully get some more adverts going up on the biab site (not loads, I’m not intending to let ads ruin the useability of the site, I hate it when sites do that) so it can fund more cool content in the future!

As well as:

- Some cool biab videos (hopefully including the aformentioned interviews!)
- Finishing a YAWA song (we now practice 3 times a week, so loads gets done :D )
- Preparing for Rachie’s birthday on the 17th!

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