10-01-11 – A Volcaney Haze / Dave Days

Hey ho there folks!

This week involved:

- Went to see Proxies live with Rachie! (and featured on a song)
- Testing my drum tone with… Nickleback?!
- Possibly getting one of the most exciting opportunites of my life
- Getting another awesome piece of software
- Promoted the biab forum + album on iTunes
- Invented “Dave Days”
- Worked on the Tutorial system
- Recorded the update video for this month
- Got my twitter on
- Had YAWA practice
- Made a proxies tune
- Uploaded a very specific plan for my future

Proxies ft. Dave

Since Proxies are now on tour, I decided to go listen to the band I’ve been producing. Rachie accompanied me and so after a quick train journey to birmingham and a reasonable Pizza Hut meal, we found ourselves backstage in the Academy 3 chilling with the Proxies guys.

They’d been enjoying the shows so far, but had apparently had some trouble in sound check. They were called to go on stage and did so – finding out the guitar amp was playing up. I think this put them on edge a bit, but they played really well. Quality singing and drumming in particular.

I joined them for the second track “volcano haze” and noticed the crowd were actually getting into it quite a lot. Coming off stage I continued to see the dancing happening. It’s a weird experience seeing your songs being played live by someone else after only ever playing them yourself.

There were a few technical issues with the electronics, but fortunately the performance still came across thanks to the solid drumming and singing. The crowd enjoyed it and so did Rachie and I, who spent the rest of the evening eating sugar cubes backstage.

Successful night!

Nickleback are heavy!

Listen to this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WGKU-FZUrHY

The drum intro is heavy as hell; a perfect little loop to test my tone against. Looping it, I managed to match it up quite nicely. This technique I’ve found is really useful for judging just how close to pro your tones are.

Next up I’m looking to improve my guitar tone… a bit of periphery perhaps? Can anyone think of a good song with a heavy and simple bass solo section?

Hopes = skyrocketing

Yeah, I’m not going to go into too much detail, but I’ll just say that if I get a certain email reply again then a certain boy in a certain band will be ecstatic.


Amplitube 3 – A guitar amp modelling plug in is amazing. I only played with it for about 30 mins and got something along the lines of the quality of the axe fx. Makes me wonder whether I went out of my depth getting something as in-depth as the Axe Fx when there are plug-ins that get a similar tone to what I can achieve with it in a year within 30 minutes.

Or perhaps I’ve just learned my tone crafting skills on the Axe-Fx and translated it to Amplitube successfully. Time will tell.

Successful looking businessman

After chucking a successful looking businessman that linked to the forum on the boyinaband header, sign-ups increased by about 5 times as much. Everyone apparently wants to be as successful as the businessman. I figured they might.

Also I can’t wait to see how many people actually support biab by buying the 7 day songs on iTunes!

Dave Days

These are the days where I go on the forum and answer questions/critique songs. It was the only name I could think of despite a solid hour of brainstorming, so I went with it, despite the lame arrogance the name implies. Looking forward to the first one!

Tutorial System

It’s started development, but there’s still a long way to go – lots of changes to the template and I still need to find a decent search plug in for it. It could completely change the dynamic of the site though so I really want to finish it!

Biab Update!

I got my news anchor on for the update video this month. They’re turning into a more interesting affair with Scratch and I attempting to make them more entertaining than simply informative. Edit should be finished by next week.

Tweet Tweet!

I’m getting into the swing of @DavePBrown now, posting anything I find interesting since I assume that’s what I should probably do. I guess that’ll build me a follower base of stats-obsessed psychologists at least!

YAWA Practice

We’ve now got our affairs in order and kinda know our direction. We’ve started work on a cool cover and a new song I’ve been working on is closer to completion. Hopefully some of the contacts we’ve acquired from the competition will pay off in the next few weeks!


I’ve been trying to work dubstep into some of the songs I’ve been writing lately with varying degrees of success, but with the Massive plug-in, it just lends itself to developing awesome moving bass sounds so I’m much happier with the results. Can’t wait to finish it off!

The long term plan!

last week I explained what I wanted to do this year. If for some reason you want to know what I want to do for the next several years, check it out on davidpaulbrown.com/my-dream

Next week on Dave’s Blog

If all goes well I should:

- Hear back about the exciting opportunity
- Go to an awesome party
- Release the biab update video
- Release the second biab competition
- Start work on the 7 day song tutorial for this month

See you next week!

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