15-02-2011 – *Takes world* / Damn Valentines, you cold!

Quite a nice, chilled week!

It involved…

- Writing/producing a good deal of the new YAWA song
- Finishing uploading the 7 day spotlight on Silent Descent
- Coming up with an idea for a website that I could see being in the top 5 websites in the world one day
- Having an unconventional valentines day

Take the World By Storm

If I hadn’t mentioned already, the new song is titled that, with the main chorus hook being the same lyric.

It’s frickin’ heavy, has a djenty, powerful feel with some awesome synthy overtones; it’s great to go back to some more intricate and interesting music.

I think it’ll be the first one to challenge our musicianship for a while.

Silent Descent!

I got to promote one of my favourite unsigned acts with the 7 day spotlight on boyinaband – giving Tom Callahan recognition for his awesome production work and the band some well-deserved recognition.

A bunch of people commented on their music video saying they were from biab, which made me swell with pride. I think I need a boyinaband flag to be patriotic with. Though I don’t think it’s patriotism if it’s a website.

Anyway, sleep-deprived rambling aside, it’s got thousands of views and the audience liked it, so I’ll look into doing more 7 day spotlights as soon as I can find more artists to do them with!

The Social Network eat your heart out

Well, not just yet, since I haven’t successfully become a web zillionaire from my idea yet, but when I was completely unable to sleep last night I thought up a concept for a website that could change the world. Not that I’m an idealist or anything.

So now to actually make it!

Happy v-v-valentines d-d-day!

I spent a large portion of this year’s corporate love day wrapped in 3 layers of blankets shivering, since cupid accidentally hit me with a poisoned arrow, it seems.

It’s times like that when having a Rachie really has its benefits. She looked after me, and after a short nap I was well enough to get up and watch a TV show on hate speech and child abuse in mulsim faith schools. All in all, a romantic end to a romantic evening.

She also made me a mix CD of songs that reminded her of me, including MSI – bitches, which I was pleased about. And a card from funkypigeon.com – fantastic.

Next time on Dave’s Blog

It’s Rachie’s 18th birthday coming up, so this week I’ll have:

- Rachie’s Birthday
- Rachie’s Party
- Hang out time with my homeslice Ogre (who’s coming up for the party, yay!)
- Boyinaband reviewing (Superior drummer to be precise!)
- Possibly some new developments on the tutorial system for boyinaband.com :D

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