16-05-2011 – Huh? Heads? / Hokey Pokey?!?!?!

Ho there traveller! (Yeah, I have played too many medieval-themed RPGs again) There is much to be said about the past few weeks:

- Secret code **HEADS can be unveiled!
- Discovered that I completely misinterpreted Russel Brand
- YAWA gigs in London (including Camden Crawl!) and Glasgow
- Tailored a labcoat
- Went to “The Rot”
- Watched the Book of Eli with Rachie whilst eating her cakes

Secret Code: **HEADS – Unveiled

The Heads in question belong to propellers. Well, just one since the company is actually Propellerhead singular. They make Reason – the software that I make tutorials with, and they asked me to take part in their “Music Making Month” because I’m a “Reason Power User” (they had me at “Power”).

Turns out the guys at Propellerhead know I exist – in fact, they watch my videos. They’re really nice too, and have a good sense of humour – when I suggested doing a silly promo video involving me talking to a giant reason logo in the sky (link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ys0nFXud_aE)for my contribution to the Music Making Month, they suggested that they get the actual voice of Propellerhead’s official tutorials to be the “voice of reason”. If a company can spend time and resources on an unnecessary joke, they’re good in my book.

Anyway, my contribution of a 7 day song on Dance Pop (Rachie helped with the vocals, turned out well imo, mega catchy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_sDDHEnyk5Q) culminated in a live session online talking about the song and answering questions from the audience. Ryan, the interviewer guy, was great and it felt kinda like a radio show – with him filtering the questions. I felt like Frasier or something. Except without Kelsey Grammar’s awesome radio voice.

The session went smoothly (Despite the fact that, as Ryan pointed out, I was releasing my 13th 7 day song on Friday the 13th – hence his bad-luck-warding foil hat) and I had loads of fun. I really want to look into live sessions again because there’s something freeing about not having to spend hours preparing for some content for a change and just going with the flow.

Russel Brand is actually incredible.

Check out this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-NCDovAWB8

What. The. Hell. I first saw him on “Big Brother’s Little Brother” with my sister (we only watched about 2 seasons, not proper addicts) and how the hell does that crude idiot transmogrify (in his words) into that eloquent, insightful man?


Hokey Pokey?!

When I lived in the United Arab Emirates back in 1999, there was a flavour of ice-cream I found in a random service station between Sharjah and Dubai called “Hokey Pokey”. I don’t like chocolate, and most obscure flavours tend to incorporate it – I love obscure flavours, however, so upon finding this one which contained Honeycomb, Caramel and white chocolate, it made a lasting impact on my life. I did not find it again until about a week ago, where I saw it in Millie’s Cookies in Telford Town Center. BEST. ICE CREAM. EVER.

There’s not many things I remember with such a vivid and positive clarity, I have no idea why this ice cream flavour should be amongst those few, but it is and I loved it enough to think it was worth mentioning. Weird.

YAWA gigs

YAWA played Camden Crawl which was fun, we opened the Red Bull outdoor stage and whilst it took a while for the place to fill up, it was really fun. I did a bit more running around the crowd (perhaps a little too much) than usual which was good – I think all the dance mat excercise has really built up my physical stamina. The sound was awesome as well and all in all it was really fun.

We also played a show up in Glasgow, our first of our tour with Under the Influence who are really nice guys and really tight musically, much better than I was at their age. It was great to see some of the YAWA fans from the Kids in Glass Houses show, and there was even one girl who came to a show YAWA did in Edinburgh about 3 years ago that I ended up talking to in a random house party afterwards that turned up. I love really long and obscure connections like that.

Well that’s a weird request.

In the interests of improving the band’s image, the guys suggested I get one of my labcoats (yes, I have several) fitted, rather than having it loose and baggy. I took it in to a tailor – the first time I’ve been to one since I had my first hokey pokey ice cream – and they were surprisingly accepting of the fact that I apparently rapped in a labcoat, taking it and 2 weeks later returning it all nice and close-fitting. I just hope I don’t end up ripping it whilst running around or getting sharpie on it like all the other ones during the after-show signings at the Kids in Glass Houses shows.

The Rot

I just thought “The Rot” was the best name for a pub ever. Ironically it’s one of the nicest pub atmospheres I’ve seen; I’ve played a lot of pubs and I am well aware of just how dank and depressing they can get. Anyway, not much of a story here – I met a bunch of Rachie’s friends and said a lot of deliberately innappropriate jokes (I find it kinda hard to be appropriate around new people, usually works on stage but not always in smaller company) – fun times!

The coolest christian ever.

If you haven’t seen the book of Eli and like post-apolcalyptic scenarios, awesome fight scenes and Mila Kunis, then you have some film-watching to do. Cheesy as hell but I enjoyed it. Rachie got that for me and also made some caramel creme cakes, which are also something that you should probably experience at some time in your life.

Next Up on Dave’s Blog

Hopefully we’ll be hearing more about secret code **BROKEN, there’s a load more gigs planned and the new boyinaband site is inching closer and closer to completion. Can’t wait, it’s actually something I’d find really useful.

Farewell, Traveller!

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