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30-03-09 – You knows it’s stressful / Move bitch, get out the way!

Woah… this has been a hectic week! It entailed

- A frickin’ chaotic gig with Goldie Lookin’ Chain (6/10… would have been more if it wasn’t for the stressful pre-gig happenings…)
- A frickin’ close call gig in Wellington (6/10)
- A greenscreeny YAWA Photoshoot
- Working on a YAWA Video Blog
- Tidying the YAWA mixes
- Making a new boyinaband video
- Rigging my 3D body in uni
- Making a level of my game
- No new animals to feature, so I’ll just post this instead:

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23-03-09 – YAWA Girlz / I kick him in the guts!

So! What’s there to report this week?


- Had a seriously epic YAWA Weekend.
- Had my first ever picnic!
- Saved the world with Scratch (Still Gears of War 2, yeah?)
- Mixed Supernova!
- Modelled *another* body for my assignment
- Recorded upcoming underground rapper Shortty-E’s debut solo song!
- Was introduced to my homegirl Rebolio’s cat “T-Bag”

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16-03-09 – SUPER MUSICAL LASER GO! / A wonderful project!

Hi-Ho neighbourinos!

Went on a bit of a purchasing spree this week! I…

- bought a new laser + fog machine!
- Had a snazzy YAWA Sunday with my Buddy Kieran!
- Got YAWA half way to playing V festival! (I need your help with this one!)
- Went shopping with Kieran and Scratch!
- Mixed Starcadia and At lightspeed (Only Supernova left!)
- Modelled a body for my 3D Assignment in uni with my homie Ogre
- Got half way through saving the world with Scratch (Gears of war 2, yeah?)
- Got my first paid ad on boyinaband (not counting google ads)!
- Celebrated my Dad’s birthday!
- Helped some of my awesome friends out when bad things happened to them.
- Was introduced to the second dragon featured in this blog:

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