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27-04-09 – University.over==true; / Yeah, I probably rap too much.

FRICKIN’ YESSSSS! It’s over! No more assignments for uni!

Well, except for the one I missed that I’ll have to re-do either next year or this summer. But I already did the work for that xD

This week entailed:

- Kicking my FYP’s ass (thanks to your help with testing!)
- Making a rap-tastic 3D assignment report!
- A lyrical YAWA sunday!
- Re-designing the back cover of the YAWA EP
- Ordering a sample copy of the YAWA EP in preparation for the main run!
- Deciding what I’m going to do with my life now I’ve finished edumacation =/
- Finding a Lolcat that made me lol for this week’s picture:

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20-04-09 – Yay, black friends! / *needs your help*

Things are gettin’ hectic up in herre O_O

This week entailed:

- A loltastic gig in Manchester (3/10)
- Another loltastic gig in Burnley (5/10)
- An ace gig in Coventry (6/10)
- Meeting some ace friends there
- Getting my game ready for testing + handing in (I need half an hour of your time to play my game plskthx!)
- Getting my report to 12,000 words (as that is the minimum amount required)
- The Spanish guy not being happy with my tutorial and me not understanding why ><
- Tested the YAWA EP in my car
- Decided it’s about time for another lolKieran

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13-04-09 – Barra sure can scream! / *Entrepreneurs it up*

Busy week! This week entailed:

- An AMAZING YAWA gig in Barrow (8/10)
- A lot of time spent with Kieran, Jamie and Eamon!
- A new KOC song
- Getting paid to make my first commissioned tutorial video!
- Threadz for a day!
- Ma soeur coming home
- Chilling with my homegirl Rachie!
- Sharing my homegirl Carnie’s cat “Jb” with the rest of the world:

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06-04-09 – The bleeding heart dies on valentines… death. / *grinds to a halt*

Okay! What’s happened these last few days then?


- Had a very productive YAWA Sunday with Kieran
- Compiled and uploaded a YAWA Video Blog
- Done some editing from the YAWA photoshoot
- Failed a module at uni =/
- Done a tiny bit more of my FYP (It’s a start…)
- Was given some total lolcat-to-be kittehs to spice up this blog!

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