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25-05-09 – Selfless people still exist?! / Me dot com!

O hai!   Productive week! :D

It entailed:

- My last university presentation ever!
- Ordering the YAWA T-shirts!
- Getting more ill :(
- Making a timetable and sticking to it reasonably well!
- An unusually large amount of weird dreams =/
- Getting my blog on for
- A generous donation O_O
- Buying!
- Another replacement lolcat!
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18-05-09 – Rocking the Kasbah… again / Attack of the FingermeltOR

Hi-Ho there folks! This week entailed…

- Recovering from my illness! (Mostly!)
- A fun-tastic Coventry YAWA show (6/10)
- Sleeping over at Martin and Tricia’s again in Cov
- An interesting Amersham YAWA show (5/10)
- Recording Jamie’s mate Zlat’s ridiculously metal final year project piece of music
- My sister coming home
- Having a lovely time with Kieran the day after
- Making a new Boyinaband video tutorial
- Recieving the final YAWA EP and sending off for the large run of them!
- lolcat time.

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11-05-09 – I be straight illin’ / For the Horde?!

Alrighty, time for some recappery! This week engulfed (I know that’s not the right word, but I still like it)…

- Being iller than an early 90s NY-based rapper with swine flu.
- Scared a bunch of people at a fun YAWA gig in Brum (6/10)
- Made a “Making the beat” tutorial video for Lady Gaga – Poker Face
- Did some blogging on biab
- Getting addicted to warcraft ><
- Doing my Uni FYP demo

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04-05-09 – I need a house! / Good NEWS, everyone!

Hokay! First week of getting me organised! Well I didn’t do all that badly!

This week, I…

- Saw the pop group “Same Difference” live
- Made a new tutorial for boyinaband
- Did some biab bloggery (not as much as I wanted though ><)
- Chilled with many of my homeslices
- Had an ace YAWA weekend with Kieran and Shortty-E
- Got some good news regarding Kieran! :D
- Replied to 20 messages and 51 blog comments O_O
- Made a life plan.
- Found another suitable lolcat for my blog ^^

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