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29-06-09 – How the Mighty Have Fallen / Dreams can come true

Alrighty! Let’s see what I accomplished this week. I…

- Had the most unusual and useful dream o_O
- Wrote 8 blogs on
- Wrote and recorded a new song for Trikkaan!
- Made a video tutorial
- Finished a new Interabang song
- Finished the structure to a new YAWA song and wrote an idea for another new one
- Almost finished Hot Girl Discount’s first song …and plot.
- Finished designing and implementing’s layout
- Hand picked this lolcat:

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22-06-09 – What Final Fantasy needed / *Advertises*

Okay! Slightly less intense week this week, but I still did a crapload of stuff. Par example…

- Getting paid for the advertisement on my website!
- Making my first review of a sample pack (I made a Dubstep Song!)
- Finishing my Final Fantasy XIII trailer music-to-video project!
- Working on my personal portfolio site design
- Scratch coming back!
- Seeing Transformers 2 with Pete and Scratch
- YAWA practice with… uh… just Kieran.
- Started recording for my boyband!
- LOL to the CAT.

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15-06-09 – DJ Lethal brought it on / UFOs bring people together.

Christ, this has been a jam-packed week. It entailed:

- Making a new tutorial video for how to make the At Lightspeed outro synth on boyinaband
- Heading up to Kieran’s and Watching Predator for the first time
- Uh… oh yeah, Download Festival!!!
- Inevitable LOLcat.

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08-06-09 – Soundtrack to the Apocalypse / Dear Simon…

Okedy kokedy!

This week entailed:

- The YAWA EP Launch Gig! (7/10)
- Putting a bunch of YAWA songs + clips from the EP online
- Making the YAWA Store
- Making the YAWA Website
- Getting up in the club one time
- Ordered my Download ticket!
- Making the beat for Alice Deejay – Better off Alone
- Almost securing my first advertising deal on boyinaband!
- Sending off a letter that could change everything
- Hanging out at Kierans =D
- Getting Metal with Eamon (Guitar Hero Metallica = exhausting!)
- The weekly LOLcat search.

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01-06-09 – Coundown to Apocalypse / I Get Money

Alrighty! End of May! :D It entailed:

- Starting YAWA’s “Countdown to Apocalypse” – uploading a NEW YAWA song!
- Not getting the Merch through yet! *is nervous*
- Having a YAWA Practice and playing through a new song for the first time
- Looking at the results of my month-long blog test!
- Making my first commissioned Boyinaband Tutorial
- Making the first song for my boyband.
- Playing laser bowling o_O
- lolcat time (choosing a lolcat is actually one of my favourite parts of the week now)

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