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27-08-09 – Attacked by a LION! / I design webs

This week entailed…

- Playing an AMAZING show in Kendal with Kyra (8.5/10)
- Watching Bruno ><
- Designing and Setting up for Emmie!
- Designing and Setting up for Kieran!
- Helping Scratch redesign
- Blogging about Electro House on and making this weeks biab video blog
- Getting an awesome phone call from primeloops!
- Releasing an Intera Video Blog in readiness for the August release!
- Watching through hours of YAWA footage for the video blog O_O
- My lovely sister’s birthday
- LOLFISH!!!11

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24-07-09 – 25200 Degrees / 7 Day song numero uno!

Ok! Once again I’ve been so crazily busy that I haven’t had time to write my personal blog on time, but will pretend that I have.

This week, I…

- Paid to get the YAWA van working… and changed its name!
- Attended my homegirl Rebolio’s birthday!
- Played my first ever promoted gig in Worcester (8/10)
- Played my hometown’s local venue The Haygate (6/10)
- Made Jamie’s website
- Watched Harry Potter 6!
- Made 7 video tutorials on Dubstep for
- Had my advertising rate increased!
- Found this LOLCat!

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13-07-09 – Hey, it’s the boy in a band! / Summertime in my ride…

Okay! A little more relaxed this week. It entailed…

- Making my first boyinaband video blog
- Preparing for the seven day song dubstep tutorial
- Posting some sweet biab blogs
- Ordering a new keyboard stand
- Giving out some of Kieran’s CVs to venues
- a really productive YAWA practice
- Recording a new HGD song (FRICKIN’ HELL it’s catchy!)
- Setting the Interabang Release date!
- LOLCAT!!!111

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06-07-09 – Cardboard Fish? / Guy with a Guitar!

Woah, a crapload of stuff happened this week! List time…

- An awesome YAWA show at Kettering open air festival (7/10)
- Saw 12 Story Fall live!
- A New tutorial on and some snazzy ideas!
- Releasing a brand new YAWA song!
- Starting a new song with Jamie and finishing another new song instrumentally.
- Coming up with a bunch of Hot Girl Discount ideas + finishing the initial mix of the debut song

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