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31-08-09 – Kieran and the Alcosalt / Pilots can RAVE.

Catch up time! This week entailed…

- Chilling at Kieran’s in preparation for…
- A YAWA show in an American Airbase o_O
- A Businessy Business Meeting
- My Sister Leaving for Japan
- Blogging for primeloops and biab

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24-08-09 – 22 and STILL Crunking! / I’m UP in this Jazz Club!

So! A Quick recap of this week… it entailed:

- My Birthday Partay!
- A novel little YAWA gig in London
- Making the Drum and Bass 7 Day Song!
- …Yeah, that 7 day song pretty much took up most of my time.
- Letting the Lolcats have some rest

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17-08-09 – Yeah, I was late / *Waves goodbye to formal education*

Hey guys! A littttle bit late with this one (okay, 6 days) but let’s pretend it wasn’t!

This week entailed:

- Doing my (hopefully) last piece of uni work
- Writing blogs for
- Mixing a gorgeous new YAWA song
- Finishing the song for the 7DS Drum and Bass Tutorial
- Paid for some tickets to my own gig =/
- Played through a new YAWA song or two at YAWA practice!
- Had a business meeting!
- Lolcat:

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10-08-09 – The Puppies are Coming / Nearly finished…

Alrighty! I feel like I’ve got a zillion things to do, so I’m gonna try and be concise (by which I mean this will inevitably take up far too much time as usual).

The week entailed…

- A seriously fun gig in High Wycombe (6/10)
- Releasing the “Interabang : ON TOUR Episode 2″ animation
- A bit of boyinaband blogging
- Some more primeloops blogs
- Making another new band (The Puppies are Coming)
- Writing another massive single with K and J @ YAWA practice
- Much chilling with Emmie
- Helped Pete get his Technicolor Flipbook online!
- Working on my Uni assignment (so close to never having to think about it again…)
- I want to save time, so here’s an ASCII LOLCat

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03-08-09 – Interabang’s BACK! / Epic Road Trippery

Okie dokie! Frickin’ busy week! It entailed…

- Interabang’s Re-release! (New member, new song, New site and New video blog!)
- A YAWA trip to London to speak with a potential manager
- Half finishing the YAWA July video blog (christ there’s a lot of footage…)
- A YAWA gig in Daventry (7/10)
- A massive road trip to Ipswitch and back with YAWA and Sketch!
- Writing my first blogs for
- Two boyinaband video tutorials
- inevitable LOLcat

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