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12-10-09 – There’s no money… / A City of Owls?

Hi there!

This week has involved…

- A TON of biab videos
- Keeping up my primeloops blogs
- Another commissioned tutorial
- Doing a sweet YAWA press pack

Papa Roach

For my birthday, my homegirl Rachie got me a ticket to go and see Papa Roach with her and my other homegirl, Louise. This week entailed that show – and it was ace.

Not so much for the first bands – a rock group whose collective ego could outweigh your average steam liner and Madina Lake who, whilst seeming lovely people, managed to play a set that I forgot 3 seconds after it was over. Barring the guy’s scream, that was pretty good.

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05-10-09 – The only bit of carpet! / Guess who’s back…

Hey Guys.

I’ve been neglecting my personal blogs lately – I just couldn’t find the motivation to do them. But now, as a result, I feel kinda lost, not sure what I have to do, so I figured I’d try blogging again in the hope that it would put me back on track.

Okay! So this week, I…

- Went on a Mini-tour with YAWA and…
- Played a Gig in Liverpool
- Played a Gig in Mexborough
- Played a Gig in Leeds
- Worked on an awesome new YAWA song
- Got back on the Primeloops metaphorical horse
- Made a few video tutorials I’ll be releasing next week
- Had a 203 meeting where we tried to combat lack of motivation

Mini Tour

This weekend, Zak had organised 3 gigs in a row, working our way up the country so we could save money on petrol and play more places. This is really difficult to organise considering how hard it is to get gigs in the first place and how hard it is to control where and when they take place if you’re an unsigned band – so well done to Zak for that!

So we packed our camping gear, since Zak was intent on camping out in a random field both nights (Something I’m pretty sure is illegal, but hey…) and hopped in the van with Eamon and Scratch. Our first destination was…
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