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30-11-09 – That girl is my Indie Cindie (She’s not actually Indie though. Or called Cindie.)

What’s happened then?

- Got a Girlfriend :)
- Had my sampler break O_O
- Supported Hadouken!
- Got “Dragon Age” and completed it.
- Tried out Google Wave! :D
- Made a ton of guitar tone tutorial videos

David’s got a Girlfriend!

I’ll try not to make this soppy, since I know I wouldn’t want to read several paragraphs of someone obsessing over the new love interest in their life.

I’m now with a girl called Rachel.   It’s kinda cool how we met – it’s through YAWA.   You see, she saw me play the “Generation: Summer Slam” show maybe 2 years ago at the Wulfrun Hall.   Maybe a year later, she decided to come see YAWA play live at the little civic with a few friends…

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02-11-09 – Zombie Pyjama Party / Kerrang still likes YAWA!

Hey there guys! I’ve been pretty swamped lately, hence the lack of last week’s blog. I’ll try to catch up this week!

It’s entailed…

- Finishing the 7 day Song Trance Tutorial (15 freakin’ videos!)
- Starting on a multi-part video tutorial explaining how to record distorted guitar
- Some issues with friends
- Playing a YAWA gig in front of a Kerrang DJ in Walsall!
- A costly YAWA gig in High Wycombe
- A pyjama-tastic gig in Barrow
- Recording and mixing the new YAWA tune “Zero Gravity”
- Keeping up with my Primeloops blogging
- A bunch of commissioned tutorials
- Having a tutorial accepted onto
- Hitting the 1000 visitors in a day mark on
- Producing Kieran’s new 12 Story Fall song
- Selling and Sending off a bunch of YAWA merch
- Getting and Playing Brutal Legend
- Hitting 1500 subscribers on YouTube

Dis is 4 da Trance Heads

Man, my 7 day songs are usually intense experiences, especially combined with attempting to keep up a normal social life, gigging with YAWA and… uh… sleeping and eating, but this was something else.

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