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25-01-10 – Klippaz! / *Brandishes Axe (fx)*

So! That time of the week again. What has happened in the past 7 days then?

- Making the Review Video for the Axe Fx Ultra
- Getting it on!
- Starting work on the Business Plan for biab
- YAWA practice!
- Recording almost all the guitar for the new EP
- A considerable amount of Rachie time + Meeting Klippaz!

Straight to Video

So the Axe Fx Ultra review is finally up: Read more

18-01-10 – *Puts on business hat* / *Socialises*

Bonjour, y’all! How’s life and the internet treating you? For me, it’s entailed…

- Posting 5 boyinaband videos
- Announcing the winner of the Hip Hop Composition competition
- Watching the incredible “Avatar”
- Going to Tamworth to catch up with my uni homeslices
- Recording all of the basslines to YAWA’s new EP
- Not having YAWA practice on Sunday :(
- Rachie surprising me with a… surprise.
- Having a big group hangout on Saturday :D

Axe Fx Ultra = considerable time drainage

Man! I thought for this week “I know, I’ll bosh out 7 videos about the axe fx no problem, make it a themed week and boyinaband will be well on the way to having one video a day!”

I managed alright with the unboxing and then on tuesday I recorded Kieran playing through the presets, but I had to stretch the presets out to 4 days worth of videos, both because there were so many good ones and because when I started on my video review, I didn’t stop. It took me:

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11-01-10 – Binary Date :D / Boyinaband is Better!

Wow, what a binary-esque date!

This week, I got up to some work-related hi-jinks!

- Released the new boyinaband site!
- …Which involved making all the content
- …and recording a video about me!
- Judged the Hip Hop Composition Competition.
- Recorded some guitar for YAWA with the Axe Fx.
- Came up with some ideas for the first YAWA music video
- Spent 3 days with Rachie and watched “Daybreakers”
- Played 4 player Mario on the Wii for the first time

Release Day!

Yay! After weeks of toiling I’ve finally released the new and improved [] site design!

I couldn’t quite get it looking nice in Internet Explorer 7 and below, but I figure anyone still on there and not using Google Chrome or firefox yet should probably switch anyway. So their nerdy friends don’t make fun of them, you understand – I’m only looking out for their credibility.

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04-01-10 – Recap and Roll Out! / So *that’s* what a real party is like…

Hey!   I’m finally back from whatever it is I’ve been doing over the last month!

Let’s do a recap.   It entailed…

- New Years!
- Christmas!
- Many gigs!
- A tonne of boyinaband stuff!
- Considerable Rachie time!
- Hanging out with many friends!
- Some things that don’t warrant exclamation marks!
- Resolutions

I couldn’t possibly remember everything, but I’ll see if I can recall some of the more interesting bits…

New Years P. A. R. T. Y.

Rachie’s friend invited both her and me to a party on new years.   Now, in my experience, new years involves sitting at home watching a Bill Bailey DVD (I actually got another one this year, watched it on Christmas though.) – this year was slightly different.

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