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29-03-10 – *Ends the Beginning* / *Gives tea to old people*

Okay!   So what happened this week?

- Getting the YAWA EPs + T-shirts
- Playing the Epic YAWA EP Release show (7/10)
- Having my brand new camera stolen
- Finishing off the 7 Day Bassline song
- Helping out at Rachie’s community project
- Visiting my homeslice Ogre
- Doing more skype teaching sessions

*Wipes Brow*

Okay, I’m no stranger to stress and close calls, but literally getting the EPs about 7 hours before we were selling them was cutting it fine even for me.

On wednesday, two days before the release, I got a call from the duplicators saying the printer was broken.   Read more

22-3-10 – A painfully quick recap // Excitement?

So much has happened that I couldn’t possibly recap in detail without going crazy, so I’ll bosh things out in the form of a list with quick explanations (barring the first one that I wrote a section about in Germany before I collapsed from exhaustion)

A lot has happened since I last blogged, including…
- Supporting an 80s pop sensation with YAWA

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Now I’d never heard of them before, but… Read more