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26-04-10 – The Darkest Step / *Kicks ass at sportz*

Alrighty!   So what did I get up to this week?

- Played a YAWA gig in Kettering
- Made the 7 day Darkstep song and posted day 1 today :D
- Finished the business plan and sent it to people for review
- Chilled with Rachie + helped her to revise
- Queued up my Primeloops blogs on biab

Sawyers was more packed last time.

Wow!   I didn’t think it was possible.   Last time we played sawyers in Kettering, it was during a snow storm.   There was hardly anyone there, but it was still a fun gig and the promoters liked us.   This time we played and it turns out Read more

19-04-09 – Hi, are you Dave from biab? / MexBarrow again!

So much for regular personal blogs, eh?

Better late than never though!   A convenient side-effect of not saying anything for a long time is having a lot to say, so let’s get started…

This past few weeks entailed…

- Releasing the 7 day Bassline song!
- Getting my new camera and starting the next Axe-Fx tutorial
- Getting the business plan 99% finished
- A Mini YAWA tour with a gig in Mexborough (6/10) and Barrow (5/10)
- Spending a whole week with Rachie where, amongst other things, we
had a picnic, watched shutter island and went to a skins audition!
- Going down to London for a secret project!
- A bunch of online teaching sessions
- Starting work on the new 7 day song

Boyinaband babay!

Rachie has assisted with some cheesy vocals for this month’s 7 day song tutorial on boyinaband, focusing on the genre “Bassline”.

It’s seriously cheesy and took about 2 weeks to complete thanks to YouTube deciding to change its layout and break its upload forms, but it’s all up there now for you to listen to and learn from!

Check out the finished product here: Read more