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24-05-10 – Keeping Low-Key / Big Bug!

Alrighty-roo! This week just gone involved…

- Writing the 7 day song
- Finishing Axe FX tutorial 4
- Producing a track for the secret project with Mr. Fish
- Going to Kieran’s brothers’ 21st birthday partay
- Getting stuff for free! (kinda)
- Helping Rachie to memorise a bunch of totally interesting biological facts!


So this month’s 7 day song is for Liquid drum and bass! It’s been one of the most tiring weeks ever this week, not only because of it being the hottest week of the year so far, but because writing liquid dnb combined with excessive dubstep (another thing I’ve been working on for YAWA) results in me needing to rest my eyes for far more than is normal.

It’s a cool track though – I’ve collaborated with  Read more

17-5-10 – Good times, Bad gigs / Funderiffic!

Alrighty!   This was a much busier week than the last one, with…

- A Gig in Birmingham (2/10)
- A Gig in Glasgow (3/10)
- A Gig in Edinburgh (2/10)
- Ogre chillage
- Applying for several bits o’ funding

Paid Practice

There are some times when you’re in a band trying to break a new area that you just have to cut your losses and think of things in a different context.   I feel like I did that a lot this week.

Brum had basically no-one there, so we just viewed it as getting paid to practice.   I never understood why a promoter would put on a gig and not promote it.   Surely they’d get the clue from their occupational name.   Hell, I managed Read more

10-05-10 – Pop-up clapperboard / Secrecy Sucks…

So, what were the haps for the b-i-a-b this week?

- The boyinaband update for this april / may
- Putting together some tuneage for a famous guy!
- Working on an interview for another famous guy!
- Starting work on Rachie’s website!
- …yeah I spent a lot of time on that update

That Update

Check it out!

One thing I’ve found interesting – Read more

03-05-10 – Powys, Fwance / Listen up, you just might learn somefin’!

Okay! This week was a busy one, with…

- A YAWA gig in Powys, Wales (7/10)
- A YAWA gig in Daventry (6/10)
- Finishing the Darkstep 7 day song
- Posting the 2nd Axe FX tutorial
- Some seriously exciting news on my secret project
- Getting some squash from ASDA

I’m going to Fwance!

Powys was an unexpected treat. After journeying a few hours into the Welsh countryside, we found it. A tiny town with more take-aways than people.

We soundchecked and when we finished, we were applauded by some Welsh people wearing Read more