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20-06-10 – Well. That was unexpected.

The last few weeks entailed…

- YAWA playing Download Festival
- Setting up the office
- …did I mention YAWA played Download?

YAWA Played Download!

Remember that Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition we entered? Yeah, we won that and are now playing 5 festivals throughout the summer. Well, 4 now, since we already played download.

It was absolutely incredible. We all got Read more

07-06-10 – So *That’s* the secret / The Office

Hola mi compellas!   I have no idea what a “compella” is, just thought it sounded like it fitted there.   This past few weeks entailed…

- Finishing the 7 day Liquid DnB song
- Starting to make the next 7 day song
- Getting £500 worth of stuff to review for free!
- Acquiring independant funding
- Buying an office (well, the furniture for one from ikea)
- Starting to paint said office
- A cancelled YAWA gig
- Making a new song for Loki (BTW that’s the secret project)


I made a liquid drum and bass song for the 7 day song in may, which has been recieved really well.   There’s one synth in there that divides people, but I like it so I’ve kept it (makes sense, right?).   It’s already hit over 2000 views on the first and last in the series, which is really cool.   It’s also the first time I’ve Read more