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06-07-10 – C-E-O later! / I Kills double negatives dead, yo.

I feel like I’m getting further and further behind with these.

However, I have done a bunch of stuff :)    I…

- Getting used to working in my new Studioffice
- Making some custom tutorials
- Making some Axe-FX videos
- Making a big ol’ database in google spreadsheet
- Going to leeds for a Loki live practice
- Designing Rachie’s website
- Getting some “equipment” for Rachie’s videos
- Doing a G Funk 7 day song
- Going to Rachie’s Inspire-ing meeting

C.E.OOOOOH yeah!

I’m really getting into the swing of it – going to the office, clocking in when I do work, watching talks on my lunch break… it’s all very cool.   Especially for that Read more