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22-08-10 – My heart’s desire / in da studio!

woah, where to begin?

well, for a start I’m writing this on my snazzy new phone, an HTC desire if you’re interested in such things, which has replaced my 9 year old Nokia 3510i as my port of communicative call.

i’m currently on my way to a studio in London where i’m about to record an epic new pop song for proxies. it’s pretty cool to say the least. I’ve been working with a producer who has engineered some big acts in the past, so it’s a great learning experience.

What else? oh yeah, playing the festivals. my boyinaband update covers that nicely, so feel free to watch it. Hevy really was cool, since all the bands I spoke to were really friendly, turning it from a festival into a party. as per, I refrained from joining them in their eventual inebriation, instead talking with my homeslice ogre and will of sacred betrayal about psychological… stuff.

Underage fest was also ace, since I got to spend it with rachie, who got herself crushed half to death when watching yawa.

what else has happened… Well, there are a bunch of gigs coming up, we have some label interest and we recently recruited a digeridoo player to explore a new tribal sound. not really.

since I wrote the top half of this blog (I’m currently writing this in the back of the van) , we wrote a new epic tune about a robot that tears itself apart when deciding whether to listen to the person It’s defending or carry on destroying the world in order to defend them. It’s dubstep-tastic. we also played an immense gig in daventry where we appear to have garnered quite a fan base! I never get tired of awning people going mental to our music and singing along.

I’ve also discovered this awesome to do list software online called gqueues that integrates with Google calendar and gmail and it seems absolutely perfect. I’m trying the 2 week free trial now do we will see how it turns out!

next time on Dave’s blog…

well I have my birthday in 2 days so that will be fun! I’m having the traditional Dave computer party with some choice guests.

after that It’s on to gigs, business and fame And fortune! …hopefully.

later, alligators!