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19-10-10 – studio surreality / silent dissent

First things first, the title is deliberately misspelled to represent how the members of silent descent told their secrets on camera.

Second things second, this past few weeks has been mental, with…

- red bull studio time
- living in London
- culture clash club night
- staying with ogre
- interviewing silent descent
- doing most of the 7 day song on psytrance

Energetic beverages bestow aerial appendages

The studio experience has been brilliant. You can find an in depth account of our time there on the red bull bedroom jam site, but on a more personal level it was great because Read more

5-10-10 – Severe Delays / In Da Red Bull Studio!

Yo yo yo!

I’m writing this blog in Red Bull’s studio!

Quite a lot has happened since last time I posted…

- I recieved a shiny new video production PC… which broke.
- Started writing the Psytrance 7 day song
- Did my first interview for boyinaband
- Wrote more new YAWA material than you can shake a drumstick at.
- Went to Red Bull’s studio and started recording for the CD!


The new video PC is awesome. Well, for the brief moments of use Scratch and I had on it. A few days after it was set up, it decided to blue screen of death at us when we dared attempt to load it up.

Those 60 second Read more