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22-11-10 – Tour Diary Numero Deux

So since the last tour blog, I’ve had…

- Day 8: Glasgow
- Day 9: Birmingham
- Day 10: Day Off #3
- Day 11: Leeds
- Day 12: Newcastle

Day 8: Glasgow

After the most epic drive of the tour yet (about 7 or 8 hours), we arrived in a freezing Glasgow. After finding our dressing room, we loaded in (Not a fun experience at negative temperatures) and went to grab some food.

Glasgow is a weird smelling place.

After finding a suitably dodgy kebab, I polished it off and we headed back for soundcheck, 15 minutes rest, then it was stage time (The good thing about being on first is that you don’t Read more

17-11-10 – YAWA On Tour: Week #1

Touring calls for a more regimented blogging experience.

- Day 1: Manchester
- Day 2: Norwich
- Day 3: Southampton
- Day 4: Day off
- Day 5: Cardiff
- Day 6: Bristol
- Day 7: Day off #2

Day 1: Manchester

The first date of the tour had us piling into the van bright and early ready to get to the venue for 3pm, where it was our understanding we’d Read more

10-11-10 – Let the tour begin! / Enter Ron Burgundy

So, the time has come!   I’m currently sitting in YAWA’s new van, writing this blog on my laptop on the table in the back.   Yep, we have a table.   And a microwave.   But yes, let’s recap on what I’ve been up to…

- Getting ready for the tour I’m currently on
- Getting the van I’m currently on
- Making the update video for boyinaband
- Arranging a forum meetup for boyinaband
- Getting my dance mat out and kicking Rachie’s ass (Two seperate incidents)

YAWA Preparations

The vast majority of my time was spent Read more

01-11-10 – Palindromic Binary Date // Psycho Trance

So this week was all go! I…

- Posted the 10th 7 day song on boyinaband (Psytrance this time!)
- Did some practicing of the set for the upcoming tour for YAWA
- Booked all the hotels for the tour
- Recommenced my use of GQueues
- Had Halloween funtimes with Rachie!
- Discovered it’s “Palindromic” not “Palindromatic”

So much Acid…

The Psytrance song is completed. I’ve been meaning to do this for aeons, since the dawn of time in fact. Or at least about 2 months. The response seems Read more