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28-12-10 – Pre Xmas Xmas and Xmas / Software Dev Manager? Sure, I’ll do that!

We-ell! Looking back on last week’s tactic, it kinda worked, I’m only a day late with my blog and that’s due to a trip to Ikea so I’m sure past Dave will forgive me (Present Dave).

So the last week involved…

- Getting Komplete 7 from Native Instruments
- Collating and Submitting the Boyinaband Album to iTunes (It’s on Amazon now!)
- Mine and Rachie’s Pre-Xmas Xmas!
- Xmas!
- Decided to add a new tutorial submission system to the biab site and started getting a development team together!

My life is Komplete!

I have often looked at interviews online with artists who use software from the Native Instruments library, including some of the guys I’ve been interviewing lately. I thought I should try getting my hands on Komplete 7 (a collection of their best software) so I could give it a look and review it for boyinaband. Asking the guys at NI resulted in the, uh.. result that Read more

20-12-10 – Chasing Status in Kent / *hits record* DJENT DJENT DJENT

This has been quite a quiet, yet busy week. I think everyone’s exhausted already from the run up to a certain upcoming festivity.

It entailed…

- An EPIC journey to Kent and back for a YAWA show supporting Chase & Status
- Lots of Metal Production research
- Boyinaband brainstorming
- Reading more than I have in a long time

Chase? Chaaaaase?

The trek to kent was supposed to take 5 hours. It took 10. It was probably the longest trek (after the T in the Park one) that YAWA had ever endured.

The gig itself, however, was Read more

13-12-10 – Late Night Synthery / Bon Shiro!

Yo yo yo!

So some things happened and some things didn’t (Excessive snow made the trip to see Hadouken in York impossible – boo!) but what did happen shall be revealed in an entirely expected list.

- Kettering YAWA gig
- Releasing the first 7 day spotlight (on Shirobon!)
- Some heavy synth research
- Getting more mixes through for the rock sound YAWA CD cover mount


I always enjoy Kettering shows, they have this weird homely feel to them that I don’t feel at other venues. Except maybe Daventry. Anyway, it was a fun show with lots of Read more

06-12-10 – Tour Diary Trois / It’s cold like Brr Brr Brr!

So the tour’s over and normal life has resumed… kinda. So what is there to catch up on?

Tour dates…
- Day 13: Day Off
- Day 14: Sheffield
- Day 15: London
Apr├ęs la tour…
- A Cold Blur
- Hearing the first Rock Sound CD mixes for YAWA
- A Snowy Birmingham Gig
- Considerable Rachie time
- Playing a good friend’s birthday party

Day 13: Day Off

Getting stuff together, attempting vainly to maintain a Read more