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10-01-11 – A Volcaney Haze / Dave Days

Hey ho there folks!

This week involved:

- Went to see Proxies live with Rachie! (and featured on a song)
- Testing my drum tone with… Nickleback?!
- Possibly getting one of the most exciting opportunites of my life
- Getting another awesome piece of software
- Promoted the biab forum + album on iTunes
- Invented “Dave Days”
- Worked on the Tutorial system
- Recorded the update video for this month
- Got my twitter on
- Had YAWA practice
- Made a proxies tune
- Uploaded a very specific plan for my future

Proxies ft. Dave

Since Proxies are now on tour, I decided to go listen to the band I’ve been producing. Rachie accompanied me and so after a quick train journey to birmingham and a reasonable Pizza Hut meal, we found ourselves backstage in the Academy 3 chilling with the Proxies guys.

They’d been enjoying the shows so far, but had apparently had some trouble in Read more

03-01-11 – Mission: Ambition / Massive Choons!

Whew, what a year!

This whole week has been full of me deciding what I intend to do with my year (which in turn had me deciding what I intend to do with my life) and as a result of all the books on motivation and psychological methods of getting things done I’ve read recently, I was very specific. More so than normal. In fact, every goal has some form of statistic associated with it. But more on that later.

Let’s start with the week, then do the obligatory fun end-of-year/start-of-year recap! :D

This week entailed:

- Writing some freakin’ awesome music with Komplete 7
- Progressing with the boyinaband site development
- Celebrating the extra “1″ we get to write in the date for a while.


As I predicted, getting hold of Massive seriously inspired me. That, combined with some great guitar tutorials from this dude called Ola Englund, got me writing some more music after quite a dry spell.

One is a dubsteppy dancey tune with Read more