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15-02-2011 – *Takes world* / Damn Valentines, you cold!

Quite a nice, chilled week!

It involved…

- Writing/producing a good deal of the new YAWA song
- Finishing uploading the 7 day spotlight on Silent Descent
- Coming up with an idea for a website that I could see being in the top 5 websites in the world one day
- Having an unconventional valentines day

Take the World By Storm

If I hadn’t mentioned already, the new song is titled Read more

07-02-2011 – Follow me, Djentlemen / O HAI MISHA

So much has happened… so much…

- Interviewing Misha Mansoor of Periphery
- The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen show
- Went to Aled of Kids in Glass Houses’ Surprise Party
- Released a YAWA cover of “Matters at all” by KIGH
- Went to Preston to my sister’s friend’s Hip-Hop themed party
- Started the 2nd boyinaband competition
- Did the 7 Day Song on Dirty Dubstep
- Visited Primeloops HQ

It’s frickin’ Bulb!

Last blog I mentioned an awesome opportunity… well that opportunity was that  Read more