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28-03-11 – My first viral hit? / Excitement builds…

So what’s been up this week?

- Released a very special tutorial
- Finished mixing the YAWA SD song first draft mix
- Some really exciting YAWA emails that I’ll keep secret
- A Really cool Dave Day on the boyinaband forum

Hip Hop Hits

So I’ve been planning this tutorial since mid-way through last year and finally did it. I’m really pleased with the result:


It’s the fastest growing video I’ve had so far, 5000 views 3 days after uploading it and almost Read more

21-03-2011 – Trance Metal Time / Violent Undead Motivators

Holla! Dave here (sorry to disappoint if you were expecting someone else) – here to report on what’s been up!

- Silent Descent Music Video
- Collaborated with Silent Descent on a song
- 7 Day Song nearly ready
- Played a lot of games (to see if it affects motivation)
- Got Dead Rising 2 for Scratch
- Zimbardo Website test with rachie
- Watched Celldweller UStream
- Got some seriously exciting potential YAWA news
- Decided to work with YAWA’s friend Simon as a manager
- Asked a bunch of questions to the biab community
- Found Khan Academy
- Uploaded Primeloops interviews
- Finished Biab competition
- Uploaded Superior Drummer vids

Now that’s kind of a mess, so I’ll categorise things a bit more:

Silent Descent-y-ness

4 hour car journeys are generally things I like to avoid, but I made an exception for Read more

03-03-2011 – Beware the MudMan! / A Guy Walks into a Bar…

I’ve never been to a gay bar before.

They’re strange, as are many of the situations I’ve been since the previous installment. I’ve been

- Partying with Rachie for her 18th
- At Many more band practices than usual
- In Tinchy Strider’s shoes
- In A Mud Shower in a Spa
- In the client’s seat for a change (Serious business!)
- Releasing new video types

My girlfriend can drink now.

After just over a year of being together, Rachie is finally able to Read more