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26-04-2011 – Secret codes! / *is an alien*

As usually happens when I don’t blog for a while, things accumulate. I’ve probably forgotten loads, but check out what I do remember of what’s been going on:

- April Fools Hijinks with Boyinaband and YAWA
- YAWA’s ET Cover
- Secret emails that I’ll still keep secret.
- New YAWA song “Visionary” being written
- YAWA radio show appearance
- YAWA Manchester gig
- Frolicking with Reason in a field
- 17 days of video in a row
- Releasing the 7 day Prog House song
- More Secret Stuff that’s biab-ish
- Going swimming where there’s a frickin’ WAVE POOL
- Watched Natural Born Killers
- Danced almost every day (No joke, read on to see why)

GOTCHA! …awww.

You know when you come up with a great idea for a prank but it doesn’t quite go to plan? That happened this april fools. I’m not sure if the law states that means the joke is on me, but in any case, I thought it was pretty funny but it didn’t quite work out.

YAWA released a teaser clip of a new song called Read more