21-03-2011 – Trance Metal Time / Violent Undead Motivators

Holla! Dave here (sorry to disappoint if you were expecting someone else) – here to report on what’s been up!

- Silent Descent Music Video
- Collaborated with Silent Descent on a song
- 7 Day Song nearly ready
- Played a lot of games (to see if it affects motivation)
- Got Dead Rising 2 for Scratch
- Zimbardo Website test with rachie
- Watched Celldweller UStream
- Got some seriously exciting potential YAWA news
- Decided to work with YAWA’s friend Simon as a manager
- Asked a bunch of questions to the biab community
- Found Khan Academy
- Uploaded Primeloops interviews
- Finished Biab competition
- Uploaded Superior Drummer vids

Now that’s kind of a mess, so I’ll categorise things a bit more:

Silent Descent-y-ness

4 hour car journeys are generally things I like to avoid, but I made an exception for Silent Descent’s music video. Driving down to London, Rachie in tow (not literally, though that’d be pretty funny to watch), we spent the day with Ogre playing board games and generally geeking out, then spent the following day in the company of more metal than I’d been exposed to in the entirety of the past year.

We even dressed up – Rachie having Nu Rocks from her misguided goth-y youth and Me having Cyberdog-y goodness from my Interabang costume. It was also one of the only places where my hair made me fit in.

We were instructed to dance about energetically in the freezing cold for about an hour, with shooting pillars of fire and brimstone (maybe not the brimstone), before we were forced to take our leave before we’d be driving back to the Midlands at 6am. It was a great excuse to see the SD guys, since it’s one of the few bands that I get on with (Not that most bands are asses, I’m just not particularly sociable in that respect)

They also came to me the following weekend for a weekend of songwritery. I wasn’t too sure about how it’d turn out, since I’ve heard too many cooks can spoil the trance-metal, but it was actually the best writing session I’ve had in a long time – it was great to be able to swap over when I was stumped/tired/uninspired and between Myself, Kieran, Cal, Jaco and Tom we pretty much wrote the song in one go (with a little break to sleep and for the guys to get horrendously inebriated on cheap alcohol).

I really like the song too, I’m in the process of mixing it and it should come out in a week or so if all goes to plan.


Again, things are progressing with biab!

The site design is slowly but surely coming together. It’s starting to look less like a mess of plugins and more like a useful website.

I’ve chucked out a load of videos; An interview with the guys from Primeloops I did back in January, review and tutorial for Superior Drummer 2, the first community question and announcing the competition winner (Mizuki’s last chance – awesome guy with and awesome song/tutorial)

I’ve also been working hard on the next 7 day song… Let’s just say that you might need a ladder for it.


I’ve decided to try gaming a lot more this month to see if it makes me more relaxed so I can be more motivated in the long run. So far so good I think, quite a bit has happened this month and I’ve still managed to enjoy a balanced diet of Puzzle Quest 2, Kongregate mini games and Dead Rising 2, which I bought Scratch as a thank you for editing video for me and he kindly allowed me to play it.

Nothing like strapping a battery to a rake and attacking hordes of undead to make you want to make more tutorials.


I’ve watched quite a few TED talks lately, with a few that stand out – One of which is by a dude called Zimbardo. A psychologist that Rachie assures me is awesome, he talks about the perception of time and how people who are able to delay gratification are usually much more successful in life – He did a test where he gave kids the opportunity to have 1 marshmellow now or 2 marshmellows later – the kids that waited did considerably better on their SAT scores later in life. Really interesting stuff.

The other one that sticks out was by Salman Khan who made Khanacademy.org – a site that basically turns education into a stats-heavy game. Which kids have apparently loved due to the badges and achievements kind of model rather than the “Because I say so” model of homework encouragement.

It’s also very similar to some of the ideas I had for boyinaband in the future. Though fortunately not similar enough to be worried!


New songs, a new music video and new gigs have all been worked on. Things are progressing – especially with the assistance of our mate Simon joining us as a manager. He’s got a lot of experience with the inside of the industry and, conveniently, he believes in and enjoys YAWA. Can’t wait to see how some of his ideas go!


I watched a cool UStream of Celldwellers one morning, which has made me want to do a UStream thingummy for YAWA/Boyinaband at some point – such a cool idea getting live online events going on! Quite a unique opportunity to speak directly to the crowd.

And there we have it! A (slightly messy) update of what’s been happening!

I’ll keep you posted, since there are a few things that could pan out (as there always seem to be…) that could make this blog much more interesting in the near future!

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