26-04-2011 – Secret codes! / *is an alien*

As usually happens when I don’t blog for a while, things accumulate. I’ve probably forgotten loads, but check out what I do remember of what’s been going on:

- April Fools Hijinks with Boyinaband and YAWA
- YAWA’s ET Cover
- Secret emails that I’ll still keep secret.
- New YAWA song “Visionary” being written
- YAWA radio show appearance
- YAWA Manchester gig
- Frolicking with Reason in a field
- 17 days of video in a row
- Releasing the 7 day Prog House song
- More Secret Stuff that’s biab-ish
- Going swimming where there’s a frickin’ WAVE POOL
- Watched Natural Born Killers
- Danced almost every day (No joke, read on to see why)

GOTCHA! …awww.

You know when you come up with a great idea for a prank but it doesn’t quite go to plan? That happened this april fools. I’m not sure if the law states that means the joke is on me, but in any case, I thought it was pretty funny but it didn’t quite work out.

YAWA released a teaser clip of a new song called “Take the World By Storm” on April 1st – but the clip was just the cymbals track of the new song. Technically it was a teaser. Well, I found it funny, but no-one who heard it understood and just thought something had gone wrong.

Fortunately, the BIAB april fool worked better. My “How to make the greatest hip hop beat ever” video pulled enough lolz to make it worthwhile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vsYx9T3SxM


After hearing Katy Perry’s album at Rachie’s house recently, I was struck with a massive urge to cover “ET” – an absolutely immense song that’s uncharacteristically deep and gorgeous sounding amongst an album of otherwise mostly summery pop music. (BTW – I wikipediad who produced it – Max Martin. Like my favourite pop producer EVER. Check out what he’s done, it’s scary how many MASSIVE number ones can be attributed to him.)

So YAWA did so: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_FrbIrMRx4

I knocked up the music pretty quickly, then kieran did his harmony thang and it ended up being Kieran covering it. So we decided to give me a try at semi-singing the verses. I don’t usually sing on YAWA tracks, but I think it really came across. YouTube seems to think so, we’ve already got over 10,000 views and an overwhelmingly positive reaction to it. Good times!

Secret code: **BROKEN

I love to allude to secret things that are going on (usually something cool I either don’t want to jinx or that might not happen but I’m getting over-excited about it anyway) but things get pretty confusing, so I’ll start giving them codes so you (and I) know which secrets are which.

But yeah, **BROKEN is become very exciting, it may involve some very nice YAWA stuff and also some stuff for me, depending on how things go. Emails have been going back and forth, as have songs. I’ll leave the mystery there for now :D

Yummy liquid!

Something I can reveal, YAWA’s been venturing into liquid drum and bass territory with a much more chilled song, which is very (but not completely) different to the rest of our stuff – I love it. I’ve got sing-rap vocals on this one too (my rapping generally comes across a lot better when it’s more angry, cocky or desparate sounding, and for a soft verse that doesn’t work so well.) so that’s another change of pace.

On the radio!

YAWA ventured to Shrewsbury to star as BBC Radio Shropshire’s live act for the week. We played 3 of our songs and a cover, and Kieran and Zak gave a memorable interview. I wasn’t allowed because the guys thought I was too “inappropriate” or something. Ah well, I still got an obscure Rebecca Black joke in between some of the songs anyway.

We got that one on film too, Scratch has spliced together the footage – just gotta figure out which bits we’ll internettify and then you guys can see dem songs live! Well, not live, semi-live. Whatever.

In Manchester!

The Dry Bar is a nice little venue – this was a gig where I didn’t feel stressed, which is unusual. I think in general I’m a lot more comfortable with how YAWA has been going lately and where I see it going. Quite a few people there and a fun show overall, not quite as packed as I’d hoped though. Maybe next month when we re-visit :) I’d give it a good 6/10.

Frolicking with Reason.

I love my job sometimes. Just watch this update video and tell me you wouldn’t do the same kinda thing if you defined what your career entailed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBPUMFRKbp4

Motivation win!

I think it’s a new personal record – I released a video every day for 17 days in a row this month. As a result, the biab stats have shot up and I’ve got a bunch of new subscribers. I love it when hard work pays off. Really pleased with the videos too. Really helps having a video editor so I can concentrate on the content of the videos instead of the splicing of them!

I’ve been using a lot of different motivational techniques lately that might have assisted – I’ve blocked facebook and reddit on my computer during the week, found www.ifeelunmotivated.com, and I’ve really organised my GQueues. To be honest, the biggest thing I think is the blocking of those sites: “Chrome Nanny” is the extension I’ve used, you should Google dat Shizz.

It goes around!

Thanks to sketch’s vocals and www.filtuh.com‘s backing, the new 7 day song on Prog House has been put out. Turns out it’s more electro than prog house in a lot of ways, but the reaction is still good – I’m really proud of the drop. Just gotta make sure next time it’s a better fit in the genre I’m doing!

Secret code: **HEADS

Another cool email, another potentially awesome thing happening. This one’s a bit more boyinaband related and I ended up writing a script for a potential video the other day. Really cool stuff.


I frickin’
love wave pools. I mean, log flumes are fun, but nothing like being flung about by masses of water. People like weird things.

Got to go in the second sauna of my life too, which was populated mainly by overweight old men. Kinda uncomfortable when one sits just that bit too close to you, with a towel you desperately hope will continue to cling on for dear life around a terrifying waist.

But yes, good times – Rachie and I also spent ages going round in circles in this awesome stream thing that had a channel of water continually going round, with a waterfall I continually dunked her under. I’m sure you’d've done the same thing. That’s what she gets for being better at swimming than me.

Crazy film.

But it’s not all water and waves – Rachie sat me down to watch Natural Born Killers recently, telling me the way it was done is really clever – and it was, I just didn’t really relate to any of the characters and the cleverness of it was kinda distracting to me. Some cool bits, but I remember the last time I tried to watch it with Kirstie aaaaaages ago, I couldn’t get to the end before having to switch to watching 300 (awesome film!)

Get ready to step… step… step!

A while ago I got a dance mat. I really enjoy dance mat games, so I figured to get into the excercising spirit I should splash out on some equipment I’d actually enjoy.

I used it for a few days, then it hit the shelf (well, it got stored by my desk, it’s too big for a shelf.)

But at the beginning of April, I set a challenge to see if I could do 30 minutes of excercise a day. With Dance Mat as my weapon of choice, I’ve only missed one day this month. I’ve been a lot more motivated this month as I mentioned, I’m wondering if regular excercise has assisted with that – I feel like motivating yourself to work out breeds more motivation to do more other stuff. It’s also great to let your brain focus on something that isn’t your to-do list for a while, I reckon it lets your subconscious organise everything. I’m sure I read a study on something like that once. Might be a bunch of crap, but seems to be working for me!

Next time on Dave’s Blog

I’m really happy about this month. It’s been horrendously stressful, but lots of good things are happening and lots of work is getting done. I’m really looking forward to seeing how things develop – particularly the boyinaband site, which has been slow on the dev front this month since le web designer has been busy moving house for a big portion of it, but now things can carry on as planned.

Next time I expect to know what I’m doing next month apart from a ridiculous amount of gigs (which are quite scary looking when I attempt to combine them with my boyinaband plans.) This is when I’ll have to put my time management and motivation skills I’ve been working on to the test!


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