28-03-11 – My first viral hit? / Excitement builds…

So what’s been up this week?

- Released a very special tutorial
- Finished mixing the YAWA SD song first draft mix
- Some really exciting YAWA emails that I’ll keep secret
- A Really cool Dave Day on the boyinaband forum

Hip Hop Hits

So I’ve been planning this tutorial since mid-way through last year and finally did it. I’m really pleased with the result:

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9thbaXOAGM

It’s the fastest growing video I’ve had so far, 5000 views 3 days after uploading it and almost 400 likes. Propellerheads Software promoted it and it got loads of people on their Facebook/Twitter watching it and saying they enjoyed it. Success! I definitely want to try more clever content creation like this.

The Chase!

The collaboration song between YAWA and Silent Descent is approaching completion – I’ve mixed it on my end and now it’s just a case of getting the last bits from the SD lads and putting it out on the internets! Can’t wait to see the reaction from both bands’ fanbases.

I really like the song, incidentally. Keep getting it stuck in my head.

It’s a Secret.

I told you it was a secret.

It’s potentially good though. Like, “Hey Dave, you know your wildest dreams? Here you go.” good.

A Chatty Dave Day

I moved the recently installed Chat box on the forum to the top of the page and instantly conversation started happening. It was awesome – loads of ideas for the site and loads of musical discussion. Pretty much exactly the kind of thing I hoped the site would encourage. A strong community and a musical community.

I honestly cannot wait for some of my ideas to come into fruition regarding the site, they have so much potential.

Next Time on Dave’s Blog

All in all this has been one of the most exciting, accomplished, promising and best weeks of my life. I feel like I’m getting somewhere. Finally. I love that feeling. It’s almost as good as when I beat Rachie and her family at Risk the other day (Oh, did I forget to mention? Yeah, it ain’t no thang.)

Good times. Next time should involve more good secret news that I shall allude to in a mysterious manner, more boyinaband video goodness and I want to chuck in some songwriting in there too.

Adios amigos!


  • Ohya says:


    And the award goes to **David Paul Brown**!!!

    Love your work man ! Some of the BEST tutorials on the Net – Thanks

  • Dave says:

    First of all, Best tutorials on the web for Reason hands down.

    I learned how to use Reason with your tutorials, and now I make music electronically and I LOVE it. I tell all my friends who are interested in making electronic music to come here to check it out, and some of them are also making music now too thanks to you.

    Now that I’ve got the brown nosing out of the way ;) This video is freakin sweet! No wonder it’s goin viral! Absolutely creative and unique, not to mention educational. Congrats to you Dave on the success!

    Cheers from the other side of the globe :) Keep it up!

  • David says:

    Hey buddy! Glad to be of assistance to you and your friends :) Cheers for the kind words, I’m really pleased with how the hip hop hits vid has been recieved, I definitely want to try more obscure types of videos in the future :D

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