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16-05-2011 – Huh? Heads? / Hokey Pokey?!?!?!

Ho there traveller! (Yeah, I have played too many medieval-themed RPGs again) There is much to be said about the past few weeks:

- Secret code **HEADS can be unveiled!
- Discovered that I completely misinterpreted Russel Brand
- YAWA gigs in London (including Camden Crawl!) and Glasgow
- Tailored a labcoat
- Went to “The Rot”
- Watched the Book of Eli with Rachie whilst eating her cakes

Secret Code: **HEADS – Unveiled

The Heads in question belong to Read more

26-04-2011 – Secret codes! / *is an alien*

As usually happens when I don’t blog for a while, things accumulate. I’ve probably forgotten loads, but check out what I do remember of what’s been going on:

- April Fools Hijinks with Boyinaband and YAWA
- YAWA’s ET Cover
- Secret emails that I’ll still keep secret.
- New YAWA song “Visionary” being written
- YAWA radio show appearance
- YAWA Manchester gig
- Frolicking with Reason in a field
- 17 days of video in a row
- Releasing the 7 day Prog House song
- More Secret Stuff that’s biab-ish
- Going swimming where there’s a frickin’ WAVE POOL
- Watched Natural Born Killers
- Danced almost every day (No joke, read on to see why)

GOTCHA! …awww.

You know when you come up with a great idea for a prank but it doesn’t quite go to plan? That happened this april fools. I’m not sure if the law states that means the joke is on me, but in any case, I thought it was pretty funny but it didn’t quite work out.

YAWA released a teaser clip of a new song called Read more

28-03-11 – My first viral hit? / Excitement builds…

So what’s been up this week?

- Released a very special tutorial
- Finished mixing the YAWA SD song first draft mix
- Some really exciting YAWA emails that I’ll keep secret
- A Really cool Dave Day on the boyinaband forum

Hip Hop Hits

So I’ve been planning this tutorial since mid-way through last year and finally did it. I’m really pleased with the result:


It’s the fastest growing video I’ve had so far, 5000 views 3 days after uploading it and almost Read more

21-03-2011 – Trance Metal Time / Violent Undead Motivators

Holla! Dave here (sorry to disappoint if you were expecting someone else) – here to report on what’s been up!

- Silent Descent Music Video
- Collaborated with Silent Descent on a song
- 7 Day Song nearly ready
- Played a lot of games (to see if it affects motivation)
- Got Dead Rising 2 for Scratch
- Zimbardo Website test with rachie
- Watched Celldweller UStream
- Got some seriously exciting potential YAWA news
- Decided to work with YAWA’s friend Simon as a manager
- Asked a bunch of questions to the biab community
- Found Khan Academy
- Uploaded Primeloops interviews
- Finished Biab competition
- Uploaded Superior Drummer vids

Now that’s kind of a mess, so I’ll categorise things a bit more:

Silent Descent-y-ness

4 hour car journeys are generally things I like to avoid, but I made an exception for Read more

03-03-2011 – Beware the MudMan! / A Guy Walks into a Bar…

I’ve never been to a gay bar before.

They’re strange, as are many of the situations I’ve been since the previous installment. I’ve been

- Partying with Rachie for her 18th
- At Many more band practices than usual
- In Tinchy Strider’s shoes
- In A Mud Shower in a Spa
- In the client’s seat for a change (Serious business!)
- Releasing new video types

My girlfriend can drink now.

After just over a year of being together, Rachie is finally able to Read more

15-02-2011 – *Takes world* / Damn Valentines, you cold!

Quite a nice, chilled week!

It involved…

- Writing/producing a good deal of the new YAWA song
- Finishing uploading the 7 day spotlight on Silent Descent
- Coming up with an idea for a website that I could see being in the top 5 websites in the world one day
- Having an unconventional valentines day

Take the World By Storm

If I hadn’t mentioned already, the new song is titled Read more

07-02-2011 – Follow me, Djentlemen / O HAI MISHA

So much has happened… so much…

- Interviewing Misha Mansoor of Periphery
- The League of Extraordinary Djentlemen show
- Went to Aled of Kids in Glass Houses’ Surprise Party
- Released a YAWA cover of “Matters at all” by KIGH
- Went to Preston to my sister’s friend’s Hip-Hop themed party
- Started the 2nd boyinaband competition
- Did the 7 Day Song on Dirty Dubstep
- Visited Primeloops HQ

It’s frickin’ Bulb!

Last blog I mentioned an awesome opportunity… well that opportunity was that  Read more

10-01-11 – A Volcaney Haze / Dave Days

Hey ho there folks!

This week involved:

- Went to see Proxies live with Rachie! (and featured on a song)
- Testing my drum tone with… Nickleback?!
- Possibly getting one of the most exciting opportunites of my life
- Getting another awesome piece of software
- Promoted the biab forum + album on iTunes
- Invented “Dave Days”
- Worked on the Tutorial system
- Recorded the update video for this month
- Got my twitter on
- Had YAWA practice
- Made a proxies tune
- Uploaded a very specific plan for my future

Proxies ft. Dave

Since Proxies are now on tour, I decided to go listen to the band I’ve been producing. Rachie accompanied me and so after a quick train journey to birmingham and a reasonable Pizza Hut meal, we found ourselves backstage in the Academy 3 chilling with the Proxies guys.

They’d been enjoying the shows so far, but had apparently had some trouble in Read more

03-01-11 – Mission: Ambition / Massive Choons!

Whew, what a year!

This whole week has been full of me deciding what I intend to do with my year (which in turn had me deciding what I intend to do with my life) and as a result of all the books on motivation and psychological methods of getting things done I’ve read recently, I was very specific. More so than normal. In fact, every goal has some form of statistic associated with it. But more on that later.

Let’s start with the week, then do the obligatory fun end-of-year/start-of-year recap! :D

This week entailed:

- Writing some freakin’ awesome music with Komplete 7
- Progressing with the boyinaband site development
- Celebrating the extra “1″ we get to write in the date for a while.


As I predicted, getting hold of Massive seriously inspired me. That, combined with some great guitar tutorials from this dude called Ola Englund, got me writing some more music after quite a dry spell.

One is a dubsteppy dancey tune with Read more

28-12-10 – Pre Xmas Xmas and Xmas / Software Dev Manager? Sure, I’ll do that!

We-ell! Looking back on last week’s tactic, it kinda worked, I’m only a day late with my blog and that’s due to a trip to Ikea so I’m sure past Dave will forgive me (Present Dave).

So the last week involved…

- Getting Komplete 7 from Native Instruments
- Collating and Submitting the Boyinaband Album to iTunes (It’s on Amazon now!)
- Mine and Rachie’s Pre-Xmas Xmas!
- Xmas!
- Decided to add a new tutorial submission system to the biab site and started getting a development team together!

My life is Komplete!

I have often looked at interviews online with artists who use software from the Native Instruments library, including some of the guys I’ve been interviewing lately. I thought I should try getting my hands on Komplete 7 (a collection of their best software) so I could give it a look and review it for boyinaband. Asking the guys at NI resulted in the, uh.. result that Read more