My Dream

My Dream is an ambitious public statement of what I intend to achieve with my life.

I figure Martin Luther King Jr. was onto something with the whole “sharing your dream” thing.    However, since I don’t have 200,000 civil rights supporters to share it with, I guess the internet will have to do.

Each long term target refers to august 24th, 2017, which is when I turn 30.   I figured that’d do for an arbitrary target.

Each Short term target refers to 1st Jan 2012.   So that allows me to try and use the excuse of “new years resolutions” to help motivate me in achieving my goals.

Online Community

Long Term Target: 1,000,000 Members

I want to build a community of people that want to learn more about their interests.   People that want to teach other people as well to give back.   I want it to be a fluid, collaborative, living community that is constantly trying out new ideas and pushing the boundaries of education.   I want the community to help develop itself.   I want the community to promote and recognise upcoming talent and to be a fun, competitive yet friendly atmosphere.   Growing up, some of my best memories where those of trying to out-do friends in tests/video games/sports days.   A little bit of healthy competition can really help to push you.   I want the community to have easy access to learning materials, resources and inspiration.   I want it to encourage the broadening of horizons and networking with other like-minded people.

Short Term Target: 25,000 Boyinaband Forum Members

I’m going to continue encouraging people to sign up to the forum with:

  • Regular forum meetings
  • Competitions
  • Promotion in update videos and on the site
  • Closer integration with between the forum and the blog


Long Term Target: 3,000,000,000 page-views in a year (may need to expand into other websites when music production market is flooded) – made from an estimate of #500 in Alexa’s top 500 websites.

I want the boyinaband site to be a go-to source for music production techniques.   I want it to be the site that helps people go from absolute beginner to the point where they can recognise they’re making professional quality music.   I want it to be a community driven, yet quality-controlled site, with moderators ensuring the content is all useful.   I want it to provide a wide variety of content – from screen captured tutorials to entertaining performance videos and quirky, funny music-related skits.   I want it to have exclusive interviews that are really in-depth with the best and most famous producers in the world.   I want the community to be dedicated to help develop the site because they’ve found it useful themselves.

Short Term Target: 10,000,000 page-views in a year

I’m going to continue to put out new, quality content such as:

  • Regular tutorials
  • Reviews
  • Interviews
  • Performances
  • Viewer Q&A
  • Documentaries
  • Another secret type that I want to be a surprise :D

Along with promoting the site on forums, directories and content-findy sites like stumbleupon and reddit.


Long Term Target: Employ 20 people

I want to have a successful business that provides free education to the internet, puts out entertaining skits and tries out several different forward-thinking business ideas.   I want to employ several people to write high quality content and be the faces of different websites in the same way I’m the face of boyinaband.   I want to constantly try new ideas and encourage an environment that thinks more about what people would find useful rather than what would be profitable.   Profit should still be important, however – it’s not a charity, so should still find innovative methods of making money while still giving things away for free.   Sponsorships from companies we like, affiliate schemes and paid lessons/tutorials for instance.

Short Term Target: Employ 1 person

Earn enough money from boyinaband to employ the first other person in the company.   Work on establishing new relationships and maintaining existing relationships with companies and growing so advertisements and affiliate schemes increase the income to the point where it’s financially viable to take someone on board.

Personal money

Long Term Target: Be a Millionaire.

Any big, world-changing idea will probably cost a lot of money to implement.   By having this much money, I’ll be able to stop worrying about finances personally so I can concentrate on the rest of my life, on helping other people out and on investing money into new projects.   Plus, I’ll be able to cover 50 cent’s “I get money” without feeling ironic.

Short Term Target: Be richer than I am now (I have a target but I’m not going to share that much detail about my finances on the internet!)

Save money that I earn, begin learning about investments and don’t spend too much.

Personal Influence

Long Term Target: 1,000,000 Twitter followers – obviously twitter isn’t the be-all and end-all of measuring influence, but it’s a simple and effective place to start.

Along with money, any world-changing idea will require influence.   Without people helping to promote an idea, it’s only going to go so far.   With a large following of people who respect my ideas and opinions, I’ll be able to make things happen in any projects I undertake.

Short Term Target: 1,000 Twitter followers

Promoting my twitter through boyinaband and yawa, making regular tweets I think people will find interesting and running q&a sessions on my twitter will all help to make my twitter account grow.

You and What Army

Long Term Target: Be able to do a successful headline world tour in 2000 capacity venues that will be sold out.   Another band with this kind of ability has over 1 million facebook fans, so that can be the numerical target.

I dream of performing on stage regularly to thousands of people, making new music that people are excited about hearing, listening to people rapping my words back at me and looking forward to YAWA shows.   I’d like to record in a professional studio, get experience with agents, managers and the inside of the music industry – then share that information with the world.

Short Term Target: 25,000 facebook fans.

This can be achieved if we get support slots for two more major tours this year.   Combining this with writing and releasing new songs and keeping the existing fan-base happy with continual content, this is an achievable target.

Music Production

Long Term Target: Be able to recognise my production as professional quality.   As good as Celldweller/Pendulum/Periphery.

I’d like to be able to play my music side by side with another professional artist and think that it was just as good in quality.   And for other people to also recognise that.

Short Term Target: Keep looking at tutorials for different styles of music.   Post my songs on forums and ask for the opinions of others.

There’s not much you can do other than keep trying to learn!


Long Term Target: be in the top 100 most subscribed YouTubers – that would be around 100,000 subscribers.

This will ensure my videos get out to a large audience and as such are promoted to loads of people who would find them useful or entertaining.

Short Term Target: 15,000 subscribers

By continuing to make videos that are of varying topics that people are searching for and the current audience will find relevant, the subscribers should grow.

Video Games

Long Term Target: Make a video games company

Be able to release video games of a professional quality.   Have fun with development and make them large-scale ones (even if they’re flash games) that have replayability and are the kind of games that you keep going back to, or remember for a long time.

Short Term Target: Until I have enough money to do this, I’m putting it on hold.

So there are my targets.   I’ll update these yearly to see how I get on.   Don’t be afraid to hold me to them!